Curacao Yacht Agency | Technical Services
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Technical Services

We've got it all


Curacao Yacht Agency offers services such as; fuel bunkering, parts supply, yacht maintenance & servicing, projectmanagement & yacht repairs, transport & deliveries of yachts of all sizes and brands. Think of leisure boats, luxury motor yachts to charter super yachts and private mega yachts. We have experience with a broad range of brands and models such as, Hatteras, Bertram, SeaRay, Tiara, Viking Yachts, Feadship, Westport, Sunseeker, Azimut, Intrepid, Lurssen yachts, Oceanfast, Pershing, Ferretti and more. Read below for more info.


Need to fuel up before heading out? With one call we will arrange it for you. Depending on your yacht specifications we will advise on the best options. There are several locations on the island to fuel up, but not all are fit for all sizes of boats. In case you are out at sea, we can also arrange for you to come in to fuel up or we can arrange a barge to approach you at sea for fuel bunkering.


Curacao Yacht Agency can arrange orders & shipping of parts, supplies and equipment. With all marine supply stores we have close contact and can check availability on parts right away. In case parts need to be ordered from abroad we can also assist you in that.


The maintenance and servicing of your luxury yacht can be carried out right here in Curacao. Bring your boat here or we can even bring it here for you. Yacht deliveries are carried out by our very own experienced and certified yacht captains. Curacao Yacht Agency cooperates with all local marinas and boatyards. We can arrange all the work that needs to get done on the vessel. From basic yacht maintenance such as antifouling, spray painting of the yacht, woodwork, applying anti-slip layer to more complicated yacht repairs, yacht reconstructions, fiberglass work or yacht engine refits and repairs. Curacao Yacht Agency will monitor and keep you up to date on the progress and liaise between you and the local contractors and marinas.


Do you have extensive work or repairs to be done on the yacht? Motor boats from small, medium to large can be hauled out locally. The maximum weight is about 60.000 Kg and the maximum length is about 80-90 feet. Our office is located right on the premises of a technical marina, Curacao Marine, where we can manage your project with precision. Even if you are abroad, we will make sure that your yacht project is continued and running smoothly. We will be glad to manage your yacht project from the beginning to the end.


We will find the best way to bring your yacht wherever you need it to be, if necessary we will steer it there ourselves. Curacao Yacht Agency is an expert on the transport of yachts; we will be there to make sure everything runs smoothly from getting the yacht out of the water to getting it ready for shipment. What can’t be transported can of course still be delivered! Our certified captain has many years of experience in delivering yachts to and from Curacao, across the Caribbean as well as to and from South America, the meditarranean and the States. We have successfully delivered motor yachts, from modest size to mega yachts, to and from Aruba, Bonaire, Venezuela, Colombia, Miami and the rest of Florida.


Need engine revisions or repairs? Need to get complete reconstructions, welding, fiberglass work or woodwork done? New spray painting, anti fouling? Electronic issues to solve? Curacao Yacht Agency finds you the right person for the job. In our 20 years of experience in the yachting industry in Curacao and the Caribbean we have build up an extensive network of specialists to consult and get the job done. We can manage your yacht repairs and maintenance from the beginning to the end.