Curacao Yacht Agency | Document handling
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Document handling

All formalities handled


Besides technical yacht issues and concierge tasks, we take care of the necessary paperwork. Think of Customs & immigration formalities, document handling, visa dispensations, banking, insurance and other custom services where you might need help with.


Sailing and boating gives people a sense of freedom, but we all know that the paperwork also needs to be done! These procedures and formalities can be a time consuming task, especially when you don’t know your way around. We are locals with over 20 years experience with yachting in Curacao. Leave it up to us! We will help you with your yacht customs, clearance & immigration formalities.


Curacao Yacht Agency can facilitate you with any banking services you might need. Curacao has a stable and safe investment & financial sector. A few international banks are located on the island and many of the local banks cooperate with the international banks to offer high quality services to their clients.


Insurance of your yacht is a very important part of owning one. Curacao Yacht Agency can advise you on the possibilities and help you find a yacht insurance that fits with your circumstances. There are numerous yacht insurance companies worldwide, we will inform and request quotations from both national as well as international insurance companies to find you the best insurance out there


Yacht owner, yacht captain or yacht crew; whatever is on your plate, let us know, we will always advise or help you out when possible. Curacao Yacht Agency has an extensive network on the island, in the Caribbean and South America and will gladly use it to your benefit when possible.